Logic Homes is a 50:50 joint venture company between Hill and Pinnacle Regen, which marries the excellent residential-led development and construction track record of Hill with the investment and community management expertise of Pinnacle Regen.

The robust nature of Hill and Pinnacle Regen allows access to significant funding to enable investment through joint ventures. We are able to adapt our structure to cater for specific project demands and establish separate, new joint ventures based on our status as DPP2 member to deliver housing on land owned by the HCA and other public sector bodies in a responsive and flexible manner:

  • Approved Investment Partner: £50m of grant secured and spent for affordable housing
  • Member of the Development Partner Panel (2): London, South East, Midlands, South West regions
  • Provided Stevenage Borough Council with first Council housing in 30 years

For 11 years, Logic Homes has worked successfully, both formally and strategically, with the HCA and local authorities on the delivery of 3,000 mixed tenure new homes across London, the South East and Midlands. We thoroughly understand the challenges of development of public and private land in partnership and are accustomed to delivering through building leases and deferred land terms, including on HCA land. We work on a range of models to help the HCA and local authorities unlock sites and to deliver affordable homes.

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